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The Networked Boat EXTREME 4G (X4G) combines a best in class high-powered Marine Wi-Fi solution with a best in class high-powered 3G/4G system.  All wireless equipment is managed through one intelligent Marine router that can determine the best signal, connect to the Internet (Watch Web TV, surf, use web cams, print) and rebroadcast through a private Wi-Fi network on your boat. (view more images link above for system diagram)

Why would you need this?  Simple – 1) when your boat is docked at or near a BBX, Beacon Wi-Fi or other Wi-Fi system you can connect your Networked Boat X4G to the Internet through Wi-Fi.  This way you can enjoy the blazing speed (up to 50 mbps), unlimited data downloads, web cam access, etc., of a solid Wi-Fi network. 2) when you are away from shore, under way or your Marina has an unprofessional Wi-Fi installation, you can connect your Networked Boat X4G to the Internet through the Cellular network (3G/4G) by plugging in a standard USB 3G/4G card* to the Marine Router. You can enjoy a further range of coverage even through your speed will be slower, fees will be higher and you will have less services.  BUT if you need coverage where there is no BBX, Beacon Wi-Fi or other Wi-Fi system, you can still get connected.

You can set your Marine router to automatically switch to 3G/4G when not connected to a Wi-Fi Network or you can manually tell it to use Wi-Fi or 3G/4G with any easy-to-use interface.

click herefor a complete list compatible of 3G/4G USB modems

*Not included

There are Three Main Components Included:

Marine X4G Wireless Router:

Connect this router to a BBX, Beacon Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi system or a 4G/3G Mobile Modem. Most Wi-Fi enabled devices don’t support USB 4G/3G Data Modems and restrict you a location in range of Wi-Fi.  When you are connected with your Networked Boat X4G,  you can securely share your data plan or network with up to 32 people or devices with 600 feet of Wi-Fi rebroadcasting on your boat! 

Our X4G routers are built to work with most popular 4G/3G USB Modems from: AT&T, Bell Canada, Clearwire, Cricket, Rogers, Sprint, T-Mobile, Telus, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless, & Virgin Mobile, as well as most Cable, DSL, and Satellite providers.

Tech Specs

  • Wireless “N” Wi-Fi to rebroadcast on your boat (802.11n + legacy 802.11b/g, 2x2 MIMO, 300 Mbps)
  • Up to 600-feet of Wi-Fi Rangeon your boat
  • Supports up to 32 Wi-Fi simultaneous Connections 
  • Two Wi-Fi Networks:  1 private SSID for owner, 1 public SSID for guests.  Create a private, secure, and prioritized connection while sharing with others. Each network can have its own security settings.
  • Four Ethernet ports to connect directly to printers, cameras, etc.
  • Ethernet port to connect directly to a High Gain Wi-Fi system (included)
  • Use built-in Wi-Fi as a Data Source “WiFi-as-WAN” mode enables theX4G to become a Wi-Fi repeater (using existing WiFi to create secure connections) when you are close to a Wi-Fi Network.


Wireless or wired access

  • Enables wireless internet access through 4G/3G mobile broadband networks or Networked Boat High Gain Wi-Fi Systems 
  • Supports most wireless data modems from the leading carriers (sold separately)


  • Create secure Wi-Fi on your boat with best-in-class encryption
  • Prevent unwanted access to connected device
  • Includes security features for safer internet
  • Hide your Wi-Fi network name

Service, support, and warranty

  • Free firmware updates, phone, chat, and email technical support, one year hardware warranty. For support call TOLL FREE: +1.855.813.3385

Networked Boat Lite:

Combine the High Powered EZ Connect Modem and our Long-Range Antenna for maximum distance for a single computer. Scan for networks with an easy to use web interface. If you are a single user do not need an on-board wireless network then this is the way to go!

Dramatically increase your distance and connection quality with this high-powered client bridge with our high gain outdoor marine antenna. This Ethernet device is designed as an easy plug-and-play (when pre-programmed for FREE by us!) hardware compatible with Macintosh and PC computers. Mount the EZ Connect Modem anywhere inside your boat with a simple hose clamp (supplied) and then run the coax cable outside the boat and mount the antenna in a convenient location.  After attaching the antenna cable from the antenna to the modem,  plug your PoE Adapter into power, plug a CAT5 cable (supplied) from the Client Bridge to the PoE Adapter (Labeled PoE port) and your EZ Connect Modem is connected to the BBX, Beacon Wi-Fi or other networks! Then plug your PC, Mac, Laptop - whatever - into the same PoE Adapter (labeled LAN port) and you are online!

• 700mW indoor/outdoor client bridge
• AC / POE Adapter
• our new high power 12dBi Marine Antenna
• Antenna Mount
• Coax Seal
• (2) Ethernet Cables (7-10 ft)
• 400 Series Flex Cable (30 ft standard) with pig tails

• Windows
• Mac OS
• Linux / Other
(No software required)

* Compatible with any 802.11b/g/n networks and comes pre-programmed for the BBX and Beacon Wi-Fi Network
FREE product configuration support only available for BBX and Beacon Wi-Fi Networks.





High Gain 3G/4G Antenna System:

This 9.5" omni antennas includes two lengths of 20' ultra low loss cable as well as the specific adapter cable needed for the 3G/4G Modem that you already have or plan to purchase. When adding this antenna to your shopping cart, the correct adapter and a tip sheet will be added as well. The adapter added with this antenna plugs into the antenna port on your modem/phone (not sure where your device's antenna port is? See Where is My Antenna Port?). THE NECESSARY ADAPTER CABLE TO CONNECT TO YOUR 3G/4G MODEM IS AUTOMATICALLY ADDED TO YOUR SHOPPING CART WHEN YOU ADD THIS ANTENNA.

The Full Band Omni improves signal for voice and data (1xRTT, EVDO Rev-0, EVDO Rev-A, EDGE [AT&T 2G], HSPA [AT&T 3G], LTE [Verizon 4G]). The signal "gain" users see with the Full Band Omni is variable and dependent upon available signal in the area, interference, etc. Before buying any antenna, we encourage customers to read this article: Will an Antenna Help Me?.

This wall or roof mount antenna is ideal for marine installations. It’s built with a strong fiberglass casing and is designed to cover 2G/3G/4G and WLAN systems for Cellular, PCS, AWS and LTE frequencies. TWO 20' lengths of ultra low loss cable are included (one or both can be used) or 1 40' length.

Omni-directional antennas gather signal from all sides and this antenna does not need to be pointed toward the tower. For best results, the antenna should be mounted in an upright position. The CM288W Full Band Fiberglass antenna includes mounting equipment to mount to either a flat horizontal surface or a wall.


  • Omni Directional antenna
  • Built-in ground plane
  • Mounting hardware included

Included in this package:

  • Cellphone-Mate CM288W Full Band Omni antenna
  • Cable: this antenna is bundled with TWO 20' lengths or 1 40' length of ultra low-loss cable. You may use one or both in your installation.
  • Adapter cable for your 3G/4G Modem
  • A tip sheet to help you get set up
  • Mounting hardware



Networked Boat Package - X4G

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