SMART TV Networked Boat Package long range
Smart TV Networked Boat  - longer range
- Connect to a Wi-Fi b/g/n Network from a Longer Distance
-  Re-Broadcast Wi-Fi signal on Your Boat

This easy-to-use Wi-Fi boat system is specifically designed for use while at a marina where in-cabin coverage is not available for your mobile devices and Smart TV AND/OR for cruising.  It consists of a High Gain Client Router , a 10ft loss antenna cable and 7db gan outdoor antenna!.  The Client Router will attach to the Wi-Fi network, redistribute a private set of IPs to the Wireless Black Box via an Ethernet cable.  The wireless black box should be located inside your boat (in the cabin) and will broadcast a private Wi-Fi signal for your mobile devices and Smart TV to connect with, thus eliminating the need for the mobile device to try an connect through fiberglass!

This is our higher level product for longer range connection that takes the frustration out of connecting to a Wi-Fi network while in your cabin while also allowing for connection to Wi-Fi systems that are furter away!  Comes with a set of instruction on how to attach to a Wi-Fi Network.

For custom broadcasting names (name of your boat??!!) just send a request in during the ordering process and it is free of charge

-          High gain Wireless Router

-          Small Wi-Fi access point

-          10ft low loss antenna cable

-          7 db gain outdoor antenna with mount

-          AC / POE Adapter

-          (1) Ethernet Cable


All standard Wi-Fi
(No software required)

* Compatible with any 802.11b/g/n networks and comes pre-programmed to broadcast "Networked Boat"

SMART TV Networked Boat Package long range

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